Corporate Profile

Biosev is the world’s second largest sugarcane processor, with sugarcane processing capacity of 36.4 million tons per crop year at 11 agroindustrial units strategically located in four clusters in Brazil.

Controlled by the Louis Dreyfus Group, Biosev launched its operations in the sugar and ethanol industry in 2000, when it acquired its first unit in the country. Since then and via a growth trajectory combining acquisitions and expansion, crushing capacity per crop year increased from 0.9 million metric tons in 2000 to 36.4 million metric tons today.

With production capacity of 2.5 million tons of sugar, 1.6 million cubic meters of ethanol and 1,346 GWh of surplus energy generated from biomass, Biosev manages approximately 346,000 hectares of land and operates in all production stages, from sugarcane planting, harvesting and processing to the storage and sale of products in Brazil and 27 other countries around the world.

Biosev has a diversified product portfolio that includes not only VHP sugar (or Very High Polarization, a raw sugar with at least 99.3° polarization that is used as a raw material for making other types of sugar) and fuel ethanol (anhydrous and hydrous ethanol), but also crystal sugar, liquid sugar, refined sugar, industrial ethanol and neutral ethanol.

A listed corporation since 2013, Biosev adopts the highest standards of corporate governance and is listed on the Novo Mercado listing segment of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa).



Clusters and mills – Crushing capacity (million mt/ year)

Ribeirão Preto Cluster 18.0
1. Vale do Rosário – Morro Agudo (SP) 6.5
2. Santa Elisa – Sertãozinho (SP) 6.1
3. UMB – Morro Agudo (SP) 2.8
4. Continental – Colômbia (SP) 2.6
Mato Grosso do Sul Cluster 10.1
5. Rio Brilhante – Rio Brilhante (MS) 5.0
6. Passa Tempo – Rio Brilhante (MS) 3.3
7. Maracaju – Maracaju (MS) 1.8
Leme and Lagoa da Prata Cluster 5.3
8. Lagoa da Prata – Lagoa da Prata (MG) 3.2
9. Cresciumal – Leme (SP) 2.1
Northeast Cluster 3.0
10. Estivas – Arez (RN) 1.8
11. Giasa – Pedras de Fogo (PB) 1.2
Administrative Units
12. Sertãozinho Administrative Center
13. Central Office


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